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Executive Recruitment for Interim Management: Easing the Transition

by Laurie Breedlove, CHC SVP of Human Resources


Managing organizational change presents extraordinary challenges, particularly when the change involves replacing a chief executive officer following their departure. For smaller community hospitals in transition, interim leaders can help fill this gap. An interim executive may be someone close to retirement, a leader seeking a different work-life balance, or an experienced, skilled executive unable to relocate for a permanent role where travel is an option.


An interim can devote time and attention to their role alleviating work overloads on others, bring objectivity to a new assignment through an unbiased perspective, and bring experience, enthusiasm and optimism to the job. A leader with a desire to effect change and improve financial and clinical outcomes on a temporary, full-time basis can be a valuable change agent, positioning the hospital for success moving ahead and laying the groundwork for recruitment of a permanent CEO.


Gary Kendrick, for example, has been a hospital administrator since 1980. Through CHC, he has served as interim CEO for several CHC hospitals, filling a significant void until a permanent CEO has been identified.


"Each new hospital is an adventure,” Kendrick says. “The best part about being an interim executive is the opportunity to apply decades of experience as a hospital leader to help steer a hospital's future. There's often lots of work to do, so it's a job that requires rolling up your sleeves to do whatever may be needed. It's a privilege to engage the local hospital Board and work with CHC in several areas. Whether we’re working on improving operations or finances, recruiting a new physician or evaluating how care is delivered, these efforts often go the distance to improve the hospital. When I leave the community, I know they're in a better place."


Understanding how to select and prepare for an incoming interim – a CEO or another executive – will help ensure a smooth leadership transition. Here are some “must-have” tips to follow.


Finding the interim you need.

CHC has a long tradition of helping hospitals locate and place experienced interim executives to fill key leadership positions until permanent candidates are found. This support is invaluable to hospital Board members, who often have business careers in the community that are not healthcare related. CHC specializes in finding an interim executive with just the right combination of talent and skills to address an organization’s customized need. The result? The hospital benefits from a renewed sense of commitment with a new leader, along with the varied experience they bring to the table.


Support for an incoming interim.

Candidates should clearly understand the expectations of the role. The hospital Board should be engaged in clarifying the role of the CEO for an incoming interim; for other executives such as a CFO or CNO the hospital CEO should take the lead in communication. Hospital leaders and managers must perceive the interim as a part of their team ¬– not a “temporary” person.


Communicate regularly with key stakeholders.

Steady, ongoing communication between an interim executive and hospital managers is critical, including regular meetings with individual managers and monthly department manager meetings. When an interim executive is placed by CHC Consulting at a client hospital, CHC meets regularly with the interim to support and facilitate hospital operations and initiatives on an ongoing basis.


Although change can be challenging, following these ideas can help ease the transition as a new leader arrives. In the long run, the hospital and the community both benefit.


Learn more about CHC Consulting Management Services including the placement of interim CEOs and other executives, along with operational assessment services to identify opportunities for operational, clinical and financial improvement.

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Community Hospital Corporation Brings Productivity Enhancements to St. Mark's Medical Center

Hospitals across the nation are seeking ways to assess and improve staff productivity. CHC Consulting, the management and consulting arm of Community Hospital Corporation, now offers a proprietary CHC Productivity Tool™ to help hospitals monitor labor expenses and maximize staff productivity.


Over two years ago, St. Mark’s Medical Center (SMMC) in La Grange, Texas, began to implement this process in order to help medical center leadership better oversee labor costs, benchmark performance and maximize productivity potential. SMMC leadership has embraced the productivity tool and has seen dramatic improvements.


“With hospitals looking to do more with less, productivity monitoring has given us the tool to accomplish this,” says Carol Drozd, St. Mark’s Medical Center, Chief Operating Officer. “Department managers now are able to review staffing on a daily or weekly basis and flex staff when volumes are low, thus avoiding layoffs.”


Since St. Mark’s began using the CHC Productivity Tool™ in FY 2009, they have seen a decrease of five percentage points in salaries and wages as a percent of net operating revenue.


CHC Consulting’s productivity assessment includes both onsite and desk top reviews as listed below:

  • Review clinical and nonclinical cost centers.
  • Analyze current time management capture processes.
  • Develop productivity standards for each cost center.
  • Use CHC Productivity Tool™ to calculate target Employee Equivalent per Occupied Bed (EEOB or FTE/AOB).
  • Train hospital management on the new CHC Productivity Tool™.
  • Establish reporting process to utilize the tool on a bi-weekly payroll schedule.
  • Conduct a follow up measurement at 90 days to review utilization of the tool.
  • Provide ongoing support and annual update of standards toward best performance metrics.

The CHC Productivity Tool™ is web-based and customized for each client.


To learn more about the productivity assessment and CHC Productivity Tool™, contact David Domingue at ddomingue@communityhospitalcorp.com or visit the Productivity Assessment page on our website.

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