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August 2015
When it Comes to Local Economies, Community Hospitals Prove to Be the Little Engines that Could


What makes a hospital a community hospital? Several criteria qualify a hospital as such, including the economic role it plays in the region it serves. As CHC’s Executive Vice President Cindy Matthews puts it, a community hospital “very much tends to be part of the economic engine of the community."


In fact, community hospitals tend to be the second or third largest employer in town, usually right behind the school district, she adds.


Lately, industry publications as well as the mainstream press have been acknowledging the vital role community hospitals play. Becker’s Hospital Review states that its importance “should not be understated — sometimes a community hospital will be the only thing keeping a town that used to thrive on railroad traffic and manufacturing going.”


Read more about the “economic boost” and other factors that make a hospital a community hospital in the Becker’s article “The modern definition of a community hospital.”


Read how community hospitals not only provide “an array of jobs from the bottom to the top of the economic ladder” but also “stimulate local spending and help attract new businesses that offer a stable of insured patients” in the New York Times article “Hospitals Provide a Pulse in Struggling Rural Towns.”


From healthcare access to employment, read how community hospitals contribute to their regions in the Southern Business Journal article “Hospitals helping bring money into the local economy.”


At CHC, we believe that community hospitals are indeed the economic engines of their region, and like any engine, they can sometimes use a tune-up. Learn more about how CHC’s services and solutions can help maximize your hospital’s performance.



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CHC in the Spotlight