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October 2011
Community Hospital Corporation Brings Productivity Enhancements to St. Mark's Medical Center

Hospitals across the nation are seeking ways to assess and improve staff productivity. CHC Consulting, the management and consulting arm of Community Hospital Corporation, now offers a proprietary CHC Productivity Tool™ to help hospitals monitor labor expenses and maximize staff productivity.


Over two years ago, St. Mark’s Medical Center (SMMC) in La Grange, Texas, began to implement this process in order to help medical center leadership better oversee labor costs, benchmark performance and maximize productivity potential. SMMC leadership has embraced the productivity tool and has seen dramatic improvements.


“With hospitals looking to do more with less, productivity monitoring has given us the tool to accomplish this,” says Carol Drozd, St. Mark’s Medical Center, Chief Operating Officer. “Department managers now are able to review staffing on a daily or weekly basis and flex staff when volumes are low, thus avoiding layoffs.”


Since St. Mark’s began using the CHC Productivity Tool™ in FY 2009, they have seen a decrease of five percentage points in salaries and wages as a percent of net operating revenue.


CHC Consulting’s productivity assessment includes both onsite and desk top reviews as listed below:

  • Review clinical and nonclinical cost centers.
  • Analyze current time management capture processes.
  • Develop productivity standards for each cost center.
  • Use CHC Productivity Tool™ to calculate target Employee Equivalent per Occupied Bed (EEOB or FTE/AOB).
  • Train hospital management on the new CHC Productivity Tool™.
  • Establish reporting process to utilize the tool on a bi-weekly payroll schedule.
  • Conduct a follow up measurement at 90 days to review utilization of the tool.
  • Provide ongoing support and annual update of standards toward best performance metrics.

The CHC Productivity Tool™ is web-based and customized for each client.


To learn more about the productivity assessment and CHC Productivity Tool™, contact David Domingue at ddomingue@communityhospitalcorp.com or visit the Productivity Assessment page on our website.

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CHC in the Spotlight