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CHC in the Spotlight





Who is Community Hospital Corporation (CHC)?

CHC's history began in 1996 when a group of CEOs of not-for-profit hospitals came together to form a company designed to help community hospitals succeed.


What is CHC’s mission?

CHC’s mission is to guide, support and enhance the mission of community hospitals and healthcare providers.


What is CHC's vision?

To be the nation’s preeminent resource in advancing community healthcare.


Who leads CHC?

Jim Kendrick is President and CEO for CHC, a national leader in advancing community-owned hospitals. In this role, he leads all Community Hospital Corporation organizations including, CHC, CHC Supply Trust, CHC ContinueCARE and CHC Consulting. Jim brings more than 20 years of executive experience in not-for-profit and for-profit healthcare to the CHC team.


What does CHC do?

CHC owns, manages and consults with hospitals through three distinct organizations — CHC Hospitals, CHC Consulting and CHC ContinueCARE, which share a common purpose of preserving and protecting community hospitals.


Who is CHC Consulting?

CHC formed CHC Consulting, the management arm of CHC, to provide hospitals guidance at every turn. CHC Consulting provides management and consulting services and solutions tailored for community-based hospitals.


Many clients who engage us begin with our comprehensive operational assessment, which evaluates the hospital’s finances, leadership, staffing, supply chain and revenue cycle, among other factors. This analysis identifies organizational strengths and vulnerabilities along with an action plan to get the hospital on track for future success.


Where is CHC located?

Our corporate office is located in Plano, Texas.


How does CHC provide “help where hospitals need it”?

CHC understands that community-based hospitals are a vital asset to their local community. That’s why we provide resources to strengthen and support community-based hospitals, including flexible, individualized consulting services along with ownership and management models when it makes sense. CHC assists on a personal level in guiding hospitals through uncharted waters to improve hospital performance.


Download Help Where Hospitals Need It.  


Why do hospitals choose CHC?

Hospitals turn to CHC with confidence because of our unwavering commitment to help community hospitals as part of a collaborative process. CHC’s expertise in healthcare and focus on community-based hospitals uniquely qualify us to develop custom-fit solutions to ensure hospitals remain locally operated and governed.


What challenges do community-based hospitals face?

Sustained economic uncertainty, healthcare reform, physician recruiting, aging physical plants, access to capital, the growing number of uninsured individuals and other forces are causing community-based hospitals to consider whether to maintain independent, community control of their facilities or evaluate opportunities for affiliation.


Faced with financial difficulty and uncertain times, independent community hospitals have a variety of options to consider.


CHC Consulting offers Hospital Board Advisory services to guide board members through uncharted waters to improve hospital performance and make strategic decisions regarding the future of their organizations. There are means by which a hospital can preserve its independence while securing its footing, not just for the time being but for the foreseeable future.

CHC in the Spotlight