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LTACH and Post-Acute Services


Helping Hospitals Achieve Long-term Success with LTACH and Post-acute Care Facilities


CHC established CHC ContinueCARE, LLC, our post-acute care organization, to advance our mission of preserving and protecting the control of community-based hospitals. CHC ContinueCARE provides a wide range of services, including the development and management of long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) and acute rehabilitation programs.


In today’s evolving regulatory environment, LTACHs and acute rehabilitation programs offer an effective operational model that provides phenomenal care while reducing the cost of lengthy hospital stays in acute care environments.


View the list of facilities currently benefiting from involvement with CHC ContinueCARE.



CHC Offers Distinction


CHC helps hospitals evaluate their LTACH strategy and move LTACH operations and finances forward for competitive advantage through CHC Consulting and CHC ContinueCARE.


Often, we begin together with an Operational Assessment to identify organizational strengths and vulnerabilities.


Our unique Ownership Model is designed to create a revenue stream without risk and provide:

  • LTACH management and operational expertise  
  • Built-in opportunities to maximize LTACH performance 
  • Cost-effective discharge option 
  • Payer alignment strategies 
  • Clinical alignment for patient transition 
  • Opportunities for favorable lease and purchased services agreements for the host hospital 
  • Financial distributions from the new LTACH 
  • Charity services agreement 
  • Not-for-profit operating company

CHC Consulting provides services to enhance the ability of LTACHs to serve a growing need while maximizing margins. Our solutions range from Management Services and oversight of day-to-day hospital operations to board advisory services and strategic planning for long-term growth and to meet regulatory and consumer demands over time.


In support of the hospital’s service line strategy and mission to help patients return to a productive life, we help to assess and develop acute rehabilitation programs.



Want to learn more? 

  • Contact April Myers, SVP of Post-Acute Operations at 972-943-1205, or fill out the contact form.




Notable Quotes:

We’ve been very pleased with the many ways CHC has enabled us to improve efficiencies and service delivery for patients who require long hospital stays.

Stephanie Hyde


Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital

Tyler, Texas

Advancing Community Hospitals