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Advancing Community Hospitals



Ownership Models


CHC’s Flexible Ownership Models


CHC is known for flexibility in structuring relationships with hospital clients. By accurately assessing each hospital’s needs, we can create arrangements that are unique to each hospital’s individual needs and circumstances.


There are two primary models for hospital acquisition through Community Hospital Corporation.


Joint Public / Private Structure


For publicly governed hospitals, the CHC team sets up a privately held 501(c)(3) organization, in which CHC is the corporate member, that leases the hospital assets from the local authority. The structure created is a not-for-profit organization governed and controlled by a local board. Under this model, both capital and income generated from operations stay in the community. Income streams are reinvested in the facility and the community’s healthcare delivery system.


Corporate Member Change


For privately held, not-for-profit hospitals, CHC becomes the corporate member of the hospital corporation in order to maximize the benefit that the local hospital can obtain as the result of being a part of the CHC system of hospitals. The hospital continues to be overseen by the local hospital board but with full support of the CHC team. As with the public / private model, both capital and income generated from operations stay in the community.


Unique LTACH Partnering


When appropriate, CHC offers much more than consulting services — a unique partnering model through CHC ContinueCARE, LLC, the post-acute care organization of CHC. The model provides for the continued operation of a not-for-profit LTACH under a newly created structure that benefits the host hospital and creates opportunity for improved LTACH performance in the long-term.


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Advancing Community Hospitals