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Advancing Community Hospitals



Physician Alignment Strategies


In the evolution of healthcare, community-based hospitals are looking not only at the way they’re operating, but at the relationships they are entering into. CHC Consulting clients often ask, “How can we get physicians to work with us?”


Community-based hospitals face challenges that often include recruiting physicians to smaller communities and delivering the quality of care necessary to meet local community needs. Having the right physicians, the right synergy and the right incentives will help bring about and maintain financial sustainability for hospitals as healthcare transforms .


CHC Consulting provides strategic support to help hospitals enhance physician relationships and achieve physician alignment through shared purpose. We help to address:

  • Physician leadership and decision making
  • Quality performance measures
  • Co-management opportunities

Co-management Models


CHC Consulting offers support for the development of clinical co-management programs. Physician-hospital co-management often starts with one clinical area where there is philosophical alignment.


As part of the development process, we may:

  • Facilitate workgroups
  • Evaluate options and confirm direction
  • Visit with and educate physicians
  • Recommend the appropriate co-management model
  • Assist in the development of clinical performance metrics
  • Assist in the engagement of counsel and develop legal documents
  • Assist in the engagement of a valuation firm
  • Be a resource for the development of the co-management company
  • Be a resource for the development of contracts between the hospital and the co-management company
  • Facilitate the initial meetings of the hospital and the co-management company
  • Participate in kickoff meetings of the joint operating committee
  • Offer operational guidance as needed

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Advancing Community Hospitals