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Advancing Community Hospitals



Physician Recruitment


With an increasing demand and a shrinking candidate pool, physician recruitment remains a top priority for many hospitals. The process is particularly difficult for small community and rural hospitals due to lack of resources needed to attract and recruit physicians in such a competitive environment.


CHC Consulting’s Physician Recruitment Services is here to help with a practical approach designed especially for community hospitals. Our services are a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiting firms and a realistic option to support in-house recruitment.


Key Differentiators

CHC offers a non-retainer, high quality, budget conscious program without the overhead costs of a large firm.


Retaining a large recruitment firm puts a financial strain on small hospitals, and too often, customer service and results are disappointing because one search is a relatively small part of a large recruitment firm’s caseload.


In contrast, CHC consulting assigns a dedicated consultant who works in collaboration with the hospital CEO and the practice leaders to ensure a higher quality of candidates.


Special Expertise

CHC’s Physician Recruitment Team offers broad recruiting experience in many settings. We also bring specialized knowledge of Stark Laws and private-practice administration.


The Process

Typically, the hospital initiates the process by contacting CHC Consulting on behalf of the practice. CHC Consulting then assigns a recruiting expert to the hospital and they get to work, involving and communicating with hospital leadership throughout the process, which includes:

  • Preparing an Opportunity Overview including a profile of the practice, opportunity and community
  • Developing a strategic marketing and advertising plan for the physician opportunity
  • Constructing an interim continuity-of-care plan
  • Screening and interviewing qualified candidates
  • Negotiating the employment agreement and salary package
  • Initiating the onboarding process, assisting with first-year engagement and retention efforts upon request

Long-Term Results

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, the loss of a physician can make or break a hospital. That’s why our goal isn’t simply to fill positions, but to place physicians in a position where they are able to excel both professionally and personally in the long-term. Ensuring it’s a good fit to begin with benefits the practice, the hospital and the community for years to come.

Advancing Community Hospitals