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Productivity Management


The management of labor in the hospital environment is a process that truly requires day-to-day oversight by the hospital leadership team. Salary, wages and benefits are the most significant operating expenses for a hospital. Often, organizations lack the tools to efficiently and effectively monitor labor and as a result, may not be managing workload to achieve optimal performance.


CHC Consulting’s approach for productivity, customized for rural and community hospitals, brings just what’s needed to make staffing effective for quality care delivery. We compare productivity across smaller hospitals like yours to establish benchmarks relevant to your hospital’s unique needs and staffing challenges. We take into account practices such as shared staffing, changes in service line operations, and other challenges unique to your local hospital, so leadership can manage to department specific and hospital targets.


Our approach leverages use of the CHC Productivity Tool™ -- a tool that is easy to understand, simple to use, and integrates a level of accountability toward helping to control labor expenses. Our experienced CHC Consulting team helps to set productivity targets, and coaches you along the way. You get what helps most, and avoid the excess and costly options of other productivity tools.


The CHC Difference

Because we use the CHC Productivity Tool™ for CHC hospitals and those hospitals we manage, our experts can help ensure your productivity management aligns to not only action plans but budget goals.


Productivity Desktop Assessment

This high-level assessment involves a desktop analysis and onsite review to provide a facility-focus perspective. It is a component of a comprehensive CHC Operational Assessment, or it can be a separate engagement.  

  • The onsite review begins with an engagement “kickoff” with the senior management team and dedicated time spent in each department of the organization.
  • CHC Consulting conducts an onsite assessment of each cost center (clinical and nonclinical) to gain an understanding of the operational challenges that could impact management of labor resources.
  • The onsite review also focuses on current time management capture processes, (i.e. time and attendance, policies and practices, payroll data capture, etc.).
  • We provide best practices, productivity target ranges, and areas for improvement with the greatest potential for impact. 

Productivity Planning

This deep-level of engagement involves a combination of onsite and long distance interviews, and includes the development of productivity standards.

  • CHC Consulting develops department-specific productivity targets. These targets are based on current practices within the organization as compared to CHC Benchmark Data.
  • The targets are loaded into the CHC Productivity Tool™ and a target Employee Equivalent per Occupied Bed (EEOB or FTE/AOB) is calculated for the organization.
  • We also make recommendations for operational changes and organizational structure. 

Productivity Implementation and Support

This implementation level brings to fruition your use of the CHC Productivity Tool™ which involves education and review to ensure understanding and features such as timely reporting.
  • CHC Consulting facilitates the education and use of the new productivity tool with your hospital board, leadership and managers.
  • Key financial and IT teams are trained to ensure effective performance of the reporting process and data gathering requirements to utilize the tool on a bi-weekly payroll schedule.
  • Key management team members, in conjunction with their senior leaders are trained on the implementation and use of the tool in their respective areas.
  • CHC Consulting completes a follow up measurement at 90 days to review utilization and understanding of the tool.
  • The hospital senior management team has ongoing access to CHC Consulting team members for the contracted period.
  • CHC Consulting provides an annual review and update of standards to help the management team move the organization toward best performance metrics.
Notable Quotes:

The tool has assisted our leadership team to more effectively manage our labor resources as compared to like services in other organizations. The tool helps us fulfill our organizational goals.

Tammy Hartfield

Chief Nursing Officer

St. Mark’s Medical Center

La Grange, Texas

Advancing Community Hospitals