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Story Ideas


1. Is the independent hospital a relic?

Hospital executives face unprecedented challenges. Changes looming in the healthcare industry, an uncertain economic environment and limited access to capital make it more difficult than ever for community hospital executives to run a medical facility that delivers high-quality care cost effectively. CHC works with community hospitals across the United States to analyze whether to stay independent, affiliate or partner, where it makes sense for mutual benefit.


2. First steps with an operational assessment.

Troubled community hospitals may face debt obligations, low cash reserves, declining reimbursement and inpatient visits, operational inefficiencies, economic difficulties, and more. A comprehensive operational assessment by CHC and accompanying action plan offer guidance for improving critical areas – from operations, staffing, the supply chain, revenue cycle, finance and medical staff issues to facility leadership. Beyond resources, CHC brings unique expertise to educate hospital leaders and boards to navigate uncertain times ahead.


3. Big data poses organizational risk.

Big data is on the rise and health care organizations top the list of the most cyber-attacked industries. Hospitals and health systems collect plenty of data on patients daily that is shared electronically. While data breaches place private patient data at risk, HIPAA standards and compliance audits don’t adequately address security issues. CHC offers best practices to identify, reduce, and manage hospital risk while balancing safety and access to data.


4. Can supply chain savings fund a long-awaited development project?

Community hospitals with financial struggles as well as those in a stronger position are looking to their supply chain for savings. Why? Supply costs are the second-highest expense for hospitals and also the fastest-growing cost center. Access to preferred supply pricing, greater savings and guidance for keeping supply costs on track is possible through CHC Supply Trust, even for the smaller community and rural hospitals that have not had these benefits in the past. Extra savings could fund that long-awaited development project.


5. Can an LTACH complete the continuum of care?

Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) offer specialized healthcare services for patients with complex conditions while reducing the cost of lengthy hospital stays in acute care environments. With this in mind, hospitals are considering their market opportunity for LTACH success. Owner of 11 LTACHs, CHC understands how to work through regulatory complexities and has the expertise to improve LTACH performance to best serve patients, host hospitals and communities.


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CHC in the Spotlight