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Advancing Community Hospitals



Telecommunications and USAC


Rural hospitals tend to pay more for telecommunications services, but CHC Consulting is changing that, one hospital at a time. We maximize your access to federal funding so you save more – often 60 to 90 percent – on your telecom costs.


Funds Available for Rural Hospitals


Each year, the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) makes available $400 million in funding through the Rural Health Care (RHC) Telecommunications Program to ensure that qualifying rural healthcare providers — or urban-area hospitals that draw from rural areas or have rural clinics — can obtain telecom services at rates comparable to urban providers. In addition, the RHC’s Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) allows healthcare systems to request support as a single entity including non-rural facilities that are part of a largely rural consortium.


CHC Consulting Brings You More

  • Knowledge – Our experience in hospitals and with telecommunications providers makes us uniquely qualified to help curb your telecom costs.
  • Transparency – We provide expertise and education to help you understand each step of the process.
  • Value – Clients receive lowest total cost. We never add unnecessary services that maximize saving but also add cost.
  • Common-sense pricing – Fees are competitive and based on savings generated and work required. Our mission to help hospitals sets us apart from consultants who command a higher percentage of USAC funding as payment for their services.
  • Pay as you go – Our fees end as soon as the hospital no longer needs a service; we don’t require full-year fees.

 Get Started

  1. Send us one month’s telecommunication bills.
  2. Our proprietary tool determines the best approach and estimated savings.
  3. We take action to meet or exceed estimated savings for you.

Comprehensive Services


CHC Consulting offers a variety of service options to best meet provider needs.

  • Turnkey Solution: CHC Consulting takes charge of Funding Process Management including strategy, eligibility and application, as well as the RFP, bidding and negotiation processes. We also help with documentation to USAC and ongoing monitoring and reapplication to USAC in future years.
  • Training and Support: Onsite or web-based support and training options for your staff.
  • HCF Consortium Setup: CHC Consulting helps qualified healthcare providers establish their own consortium and obtain funding.
  • Denial Appeal Support: CHC Consulting can jump in and work on your behalf to adjudicate denied funding requests.


Notable Quotes:

“It’s not a set dollar amount that you get or don’t get by applying. Having an expert negotiate on your behalf maximizes the funding you receive and the savings you realize,” says Whittney Walker, CHC’s funding program manager.

Advancing Community Hospitals