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CHC leaders and hospital clients share their perspectives. 

The Power of Partnerships for Community Hospitals

Financial pressures and other forces are causing community-based hospitals nationwide to consider the pros and cons of forming a relationship with another institution. CHC Consulting helps hospital boards assess whether a partnership is desirable or inevitable, and if so, what type of partnership is most advantageous.

Community Hospital Corporation Culture

CHC demonstrates its commitment to community owned hospitals by consistently delivering superior services with a collaborative spirit. Whether we engage in short- or long-term business relationships with healthcare organizations, our mission, vision and values are at the heart of everything we do.

Community Hospital Turnarounds

When community hospitals face dwindling cash reserves and declining patient volume, it's time to review current operations and identify opportunities for cost reduction and revenue enhancement. CHC has proven experience reversing multi-year declines and temporary financial difficulties. Along with rapid recovery, our turnaround program provides hospitals with the strategic vision and tools needed to sustain positive results on their own.

Regional Strategies for Community Hospitals

CHC helps community hospitals collaborate with larger tertiary providers in ways that benefit both organizations.

CHC in the Spotlight