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Evaluating and Improving Your Hospital’s Culture

Organizational culture is made up of shared values, beliefs, traditions, attitudes and behaviors. All together, these cultural elements shape a hospital’s workplace environment and affect employee satisfaction and organizational success. Culture is pervasive and, like air, subject to quality changes that aren’t immediately apparent. Culture can become stale or even toxic. That’s why periodic cultural assessments are critical to your hospital’s health.

Cultural Assessment

One way healthcare leaders can gauge cultural health is by conducting informal walk-throughs, looking for cultural clues like that savvy job applicant. It is fairly easy...

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Featured Employee

Michelle Cunningham

Director of Total Compensation

As Director of Total Compensation, Michelle Cunningham is responsible for managing the total compensation programs for Community Hospital Corporation, including base and incentive compensation plans, policies, and related benefits. Michelle also provides compensation expertise and services for CHC managed, leased, and owned facilities.

Michelle brings a broad background of compensation consulting and industry experience to the CHC Human Resources team. Her expertise in the design and administration of strategic compensation programs in all areas of compensation includes base pay, incentive, sales, and executive compensation, as well as issues related to...