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CHC announces hospital change in Fairfield, Texas

Fairfield – The Fairfield Hospital District Board has approved a new name for the hospital in Fairfield, Texas — Freestone Medical Center. The new name marks the transition of hospital operations from ETMC to the Fairfield Hospital District which will occur in December 2016. “We appreciate the community’s involvement, patience, and support, and we’re excited to move ahead as we transfer hospital operations to the District,” said Fairfield Hospital District Board Chair George Robinson, adding, “Freestone Medical Center is a valuable community resource. We look forward to preserving and improving health care services as we move into the future.” Community Hospital Consulting (CHC Consulting) of Plano, Texas, is working with the Board and hospital leaders to help coordinate and smooth the transition process through the end of 2016.

From The Fairfield Recorder, June 23, 2016.

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