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Following labor, supply costs are the second-highest expense for hospitals and also the fastest-growing cost center. Unfortunately, community-based hospitals tend to be hit hardest by spiraling expenses because they receive less favorable GPO pricing than their larger counterparts. This is where CHC Supply Trust, the supply chain services arm of Community Hospital Consulting, comes in. We offer four levels of supply chain management support, including GPO access to the same preferred pricing that large hospital systems are able to negotiate.

What’s Unique?

Find Out How Much Your Hospital Can SaveCHC Supply Trust partners with HealthTrust, the nation’s third-largest GPO, to roll out preferred pricing for community hospitals. Since CHC owns, manages and consults with community hospitals, the benefits of our GPO offering are tried, tested and proven on a daily basis. In addition, 100 percent of GPO rebates are returned to hospitals monthly so their bottom line stays healthy.

GPO Access to Preferred Pricing

GPO access is by far the most in-demand supply chain service CHC Supply Trust offers. That’s due to the significant savings made possible by the HealthTrust partnership. By aggregating the purchasing power of community hospitals across the country, CHC Supply Trust is able to grant access to HealthTrust’s portfolio of specially priced, clinician-recommended products and services typically reserved for the nation’s largest hospitals and health systems. Indeed, all CHC Supply Trust hospital clients gain access to a higher level of savings regardless of size.

Team-driven Onboarding and Support

From dialogue to data analysis and product match-up, the onboarding process involves onsite visits from CHC and HealthTrust experts, ensuring a smooth conversion and maximum savings. Special expertise is another thing that sets CHC Supply Trust apart. Led by Jon Pruitt, CHC’s SVP of CHC Supply Trust, the team collectively has decades of experience in supply chain and materials management working with and for community hospitals. With data analysis, negotiation and hospital operations know-how, team members excel at identifying supply chain savings and efficiencies for our hospital clients.

Following conversion and training, our experts conduct a 90-day post implementation check-in and provide ongoing service support.

Four Levels of Supply Chain Support

CHC Supply Trust offers a spectrum of supply chain support to help hospitals reduce costs while prioritizing clinical quality and patient safety.

How Much Can Your Hospital Save?

Our assessments indicate that hospitals can typically save from 15 to 20 percent annually over rates charged by other GPOs. As a place to start, we offer a Complimentary Supply Spend Analysis to compare the cost of items already being purchased by the hospital to CHC Supply Trust pricing for the same exact items. This analysis shows a conservative estimate of how much new members can save simply by purchasing those same items through CHC Supply Trust.

The savings are far-reaching. “Supply chain management in healthcare is not just about medical-surgical supplies,” Pruitt says. “It’s typically the facility engineers who are most surprised by what’s in the portfolio, including services they’re already using that are offered for significantly less.”

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