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CHC Consulting Projects

The following are representative of CHC Consulting’s many engagements that help our hospital clients achieve their business goals:

  • healthcare system board of trustees engaged CHC Consulting to compare their performance to a series of benchmarks for bottom-line improvement. Thorough evaluation, followed by implementation of an action plan with goals and targets, resulted in $16 million in savings. CHC Consulting then facilitated a process leading to a new relationship with an ideal partner.
  • After weathering a multi-year trend of dwindling patient volume and cash reserves–resulting in a bond rating downgrade–a turnaround program designed by CHC Consulting helped a four-campus system in East Texas restore financial health as well as its credit.
  • CHC Consulting provided strategic visioning to help a larger community hospital that was already performing well, advance to achieve breakthrough improvements, become the market share leader, and realize several million in savings annually.
  • A Texas health system engaged CHC Consulting for management support in transforming its long-term acute care hospital, or LTACH, from a cost center to a cash-positive hospital within a hospital. After implementing several operational and case management improvements, the LTACH realized a vastly improved contribution margin in a matter of months.
  • When a small rural hospital in Nebraska realized it was paying higher prices than larger hospitals and not getting the attention it deserved from a network supply contracting company, it turned to CHC Consulting. By collaborating with the hospital and creating a custom package of services, CHC Consulting helped the hospital realize supply spend and other savings of $532,000.
  • When two small community hospitals in Illinois wanted to grow their physician staffs, CHC Consulting conducted medical staff manpower studies that provided the information they needed to proceed.