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Is Your Community Hospital Heading for Trouble?

Community hospitals across the country are facing operational challenges. This white paper outlines critical steps to turnaround your hospital performance.


Community hospitals face a rocky future, but if insurmountable challenges loom ahead of yours, it’s time to change course.

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Lessons for Leaders of Distressed Hospitals


By Anthony Sudduth, CEO, Southwest Health System

Last year, Southwest Health System (SHS), in Cortez, Colorado, found itself in the midst of a significant financial crisis. The hospital had violated bond covenants associated with a $32 million building project, failing to meet the 80 days cash-on-hand requirement for four consecutive quarters. This violation triggered technical default, which could have led to bankruptcy and closure. Instead, SHS acted swiftly and decisively, becoming not a cautionary tale but a comeback story and an inspiration.

The SHS turnaround is a bright...


“We’re the shining example of how CHC helps strong hospitals perform even better.”

~Mel McNea, CEO, Great Plains Health