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Our Hospitals and Clients

CHC offers clients flexibility through a range of short-term consultations to longer-term relationships.

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We Want to Hear from You

The CHC team is ready to help your community hospital. Reach out to take the first step toward improvement. We will be back in touch right away. We will also provide helpful advice and news by email.

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Operational Assessment: The First Step to Long-term Sustainability

Do you know where your hospital stands? Is it holding its own or barely holding on? CHC Consulting’s Operational Assessment determines your hospital’s status objectively and paves the path to performance enhancements and financial sustainability.

A Comprehensive Operational Assessment:

  • Includes a thorough review of operations
  • Identifies strengths as well as areas for improvement
  • Forms the basis for a performance enhancement plan with specific action steps

The Operational Assessment begins with an extensive review of data and documents, coupled with one-on-one interviews with...

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