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Community Hospital 2.0

For years, community hospitals have been in crisis, with limited control over their situation. Could the next move be bold innovation? This white paper maps out possible paths forward including sustainable models of operation.

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At CHC, we believe there’s always room to innovate and improve community healthcare.

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How to Gauge Your Hospital’s Financial Health

Some rural hospitals that were already struggling are now in serious financial trouble due to the coronavirus. The suspension of elective surgery and non urgent care in most states led to an abrupt drop in patient volumes and hospital revenue. That loss, combined with the cost of preparing for COVID-19 protections for patients and employees, has forced rural hospitals into deeper distress. It’s especially important in these challenging circumstances to keep a close eye on key metrics that gauge a hospital’s financial health. By monitoring indicators, creating transparency and responding...

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I am proud that we now have good outcomes, better relationships and are financially successful. CHC provided a great roadmap and continues to offer the resources we need to implement the plan.
~Anthony Sudduth, CEO, Southwest Health System