The Importance of Sustaining Quality Initiatives in Times of Crisis

    The impact of the insidious COVID-19 virus will have a long-lasting impact on the financial status and care delivery processes in hospitals across the United States. The pandemic has also underscored and emphasized the significance of clinical quality, patient and staff safety, as well as adherence to best practices for all hospitals.

    On March 27, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) granted exceptions and extensions for certain deadlines to assist health care providers direct their resources toward caring for their patients and ensuring the health and safety...

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    Press Releases

    Walker County Hospital District and Community Hospital Corporation Sign Agreement

    Plano, Texas – (March 3, 2020) – The Walker County Hospital District (WCHD) Board of Managers and Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) have created a new company that will own and operate Huntsville Memorial Hospital (HMH), Huntsville, Texas. The agreement was effective February 28, 2020.

    “We will continue as Huntsville Memorial Hospital and we’re excited for our future,” said Walker County Hospital District Board Chair Anne Woodard. “Aligning with CHC is the best option for HMH. This move puts us on a path of renewal that allows us to advance on...

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    Rural Hospitals at Risk

    The Value of Valify: an Interview with Jon Pruitt, SVP of Supply Chain at CHC

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    Case Studies

    Debt Restructuring Creates Solid Footing: North Texas Medical Center, Gainesville, Texas

    The Situation

    Gainesville Hospital District saw light at the end of the tunnel—a new beginning for North Texas Medical Center (NTMC). The district had leveraged bankruptcy to get the legal protection and time it needed to develop a plan to restructure $40 million in debt, pay creditors, and keep the hospital open. The district secured debtor-in-possession financing and filed a bond validation to enhance the appeal of its bonds as investments. Gainesville Hospital District was on the right track to emerge from Chapter 9, but the district needed to...

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    Operational Assessment: The First Step to Long-term Sustainability

    Do you know where your hospital stands? Is it holding its own or barely holding on? CHC Consulting’s Operational Assessment determines your hospital’s status objectively and paves the path to performance enhancements and financial sustainability.

    A Comprehensive Operational Assessment:

    Includes a thorough review of operations Identifies strengths as well as areas for improvement Forms the basis for a performance enhancement plan with specific action steps

    The Operational Assessment begins with an extensive review of data and documents, coupled with one-on-one interviews with individuals whose perceptions of the...

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    News Room

    Modern Healthcare Webinar: Solving for Rural Health Disparities

    It’s a challenging time for most healthcare organizations, but rural organizations are some of the most vulnerable. These healthcare providers are striving to provide high quality care amid declining populations, physician shortages, lack of access to technology and higher unemployment rates than urban and suburban communities.

    While these providers face significant barriers and challenges, rural hospitals are an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem. CHC President and CEO, Jim Kendrick shares ideas for rural health innovations as a panelist in this Modern Healthcare Webinar.

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    White Paper


    Can Your Hospital Withstand a Cyberattack?

    The healthcare industry is a top target for cyberattacks in general and ransomware in particular. As a result, cybersecurity has become an important topic for healthcare providers in urban and rural settings. This white paper discusses ways for community hospitals to improve cybersecurity.