5 Ways Rural Hospitals Are Beating the Odds

    Rural hospitals are critical to the communities they serve, but in many areas their role is changing. Demographics tell the story. Patients tend to be older, and many are uninsured. Populations are declining. The decreases result in fewer inpatient admissions, but they have not reduced the need for emergency care or primary care physicians. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 20% of the U.S. population is rural, but only 12% of primary care physicians are working in rural areas — and their numbers per capita are declining.

    All of these...

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    Press Releases

    Carolinas ContinueCARE Hospitals Step Up to Help the Charlotte, North Carolina Community

    Charlotte Strong Stride Set for June 1

    Charlotte, NC – May 16, 2019 – When tragedy hit at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on April 30—a shooting resulting in two deaths and four others injured—it was close to home for Carolinas ContinueCARE Hospitals, in many ways.

    “Heartbreak spread throughout the community and close to home,” said Jennifer Fair, Managed Care Specialist and Public Information Officer for Carolinas ContinueCARE Hospital at University. Her daughter is a UNC-Charlotte graduate. “The university is located right in the backyard of our hospital...

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    CHC Contribution

    CHC CEO Jim Kendrick explains how CHC helps Community Hospital improve their performance.

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    Case Studies

    Rural Hospital Model of Success: Yoakum Community Hospital, Yoakum, TX

    The Situation

    Over the past several years, small rural hospitals across the United States have been struggling to stay afloat. Yoakum Community Hospital was no different. Declining reimbursements, an unfavorable payer mix and sagging hospital operations had together created a negative bottom line for the hospital.

    “Before CHC came on board, we didn’t have the infrastructure or insight we needed to improve the hospital’s performance. Today, there is such a tremendous energy around here.”

    Karen Barber, CEO, Yoakum Community Hospital


    Yoakum Community Hospital...

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    Supply Chain Savings for Larger Community Hospitals

    Serving hospitals of all sizes, CHC Supply Trust understands that larger hospitals and health systems, despite their purchasing power, face unique supply-chain challenges and concerns. Chief among those concerns is finding a GPO that’s as trustworthy and attentive as it is effective at delivering the best products and services at the best value. Bringing experience and expertise to larger hospitals from Texas on up to Minnesota, and from Georgia west to Oregon, CHC Supply Trust is the right strategic partner for these complex organizations, leveraging their size and spend to...

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    News Room

    Hospital Financial Stress Indicators

    Like dashboard warning lights, certain signs mean it’s time for a tune-up or overhaul

    by Jim Kendrick, President & CEO, Community Hospital Corporation

    Unfortunately, thin margins have long been a reality for most rural hospitals, but a worsening array of issues—from decreasing reimbursements to declining populations—have forced growing numbers of them into financial distress. By monitoring indicators, creating transparency and responding swiftly to warning signals, financially stressed or distressed hospitals can get turned around before bankruptcy or closure become imminent threats. In this interview, Jim Kendrick, president and CEO of...

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    White Paper


    Community Hospital 2.0

    For years, community hospitals have been in crisis, with limited control over their situation. Could the next move be bold innovation? This white paper maps out possible paths forward including sustainable models of operation.