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Outsourcing Food and Nutrition and Environmental Services in Community-Based Hospitals Improves Workforce Stability, Financial Performance and Drives Higher Satisfaction

CHC selects Unidine and Coreworks as preferred strategic partners for dining and environmental services.

Community-based hospitals strive to maintain a level of care and range of services that one would expect from a larger hospital system but with the benefit of community-focused personalization. However, independent and smaller facilities, especially those in more rural areas, face unique challenges in obtaining the resources and support needed to provide optimal outcomes in patient satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Unidine and Coreworks are specialists in rural, community and independent healthcare operations, delivering customized solutions to increase operational efficiencies and improve staffing retention, both of which increase the viability of our community hospitals. In support, a recent case study of Carrollton Regional Medical Center’s dining and environmental service departments found significant improvements just months after entering a partnership.

Carrollton Regional Medical Center Reinvigorates its Dining and Environmental Services Department. 

Located in Carrollton, TX, Carrollton Regional Medical Center (CRMC) is a 216-bed acute care hospital serving Carrollton and surrounding communities. CRMC is committed to providing excellent patient care and creating a safe and enjoyable work environment for practitioners and staff. CRMC emphasizes offering an array of services with high-quality, focused care and a personalized patient experience.

In an effort to better align with the mission and vision, Carrollton Regional Medical leadership recognized an opportunity to increase patient satisfaction and improve employee morale through the dining programs and retail venues. Implementing the proper training programs around regulatory compliance and best practices for improved environmental services was also an area for improvement. As a result, CRMC made the strategic decision to enter a partnership with Unidine and Coreworks, the preferred vendors of Community Hospital Corporation (CHC), to incorporate specialization in hospitality-centric healthcare dining and support services. The partnership would focus on the key areas of operation: systems and processes, innovation, customer satisfaction and employee retention. 

Carrollton Regional has significantly improved its dining operations over the seven months since entering a partnership with Unidine. Unidine’s approach to scratch-cooking and its Fresh Food Pledge elevated the current dining model to offer greater quality and variety in menu offerings and enhanced retail options to provide added convenience for staff and visitors. Incorporating mobile ordering and micro-markets has prompted a greater interest in purchasing meals from CRMC’s café.

Since January 2022, CRMC reports that patient satisfaction with the dining programs and environmental services programs has increased their top box score by 19.79 points or a 30 percent increase. In addition, retail sales increased 24.9% over the first quarter, and CRMC reports a total retail sales increase and revenue generation of 39.7% since the start of the partnership. Totaling over $275,000 in savings for CRMC during the first year. 

During the implementation phase of the Coreworks partnership, team members were immersed in an intensive training program for the application of standardized processes and protocols. Giving the team members the tools and education to support and engage them in their assignments increased overall performance and correlated to better outcomes. To support initiatives to achieve high marks in infection control and prepare for regulatory inspections, Coreworks installed their proprietary technology, Worxhub, to provide real-time data insights.

Since February 2022, HCAHPS reports for Carrollton showed significant score increases, up 17.3%, in “cleanliness of the hospital environment.” In addition to better rankings from the patient perspective, Carrollton Regional Medical Center had zero deficiencies on its recent Joint Commission survey.

“We are very pleased with the cleanliness of the hospital, and in fact, we just finished our Joint Commission survey, and the surveyors commented about how clean the hospital looked,” shared Susan Watson, COO of Carrollton Regional Medical Center, in a recent video testimonial. “When a surveyor notices the cleanliness of the OR, that is a big deal, and we are very excited.”

If outsourcing is something you are considering, or if you would like to learn more, please complete the survey: CHC Support Services

Why outsourcing with the right partner can be the difference maker  

Managed customized solutions integrate programs most important to hospitals and expertly crafted strategies provide executives with clear, measurable goals. Seamless operations of dining and environmental services can impact the entire organization positively. Here are the top four reasons hospitals consider outsourcing in today’s climate. 

Workforce Stability and Staffing

Today, ask anyone in hospital administration what their number one concern is, and the answer will likely be a workforce shortage. Contract partners bring a depth of resources to stabilize culinary and housekeeping operations, topmost among them is labor solutions. The resources often include a broader recruiting reach and bandwidth, it can also mean financial benefits that offset the demand for labor. As the experts, outsource providers come with specialized strategies, alternative approaches and tools to ensure success.

Reducing Employee Burnout

While hospitals will continue to struggle to maintain a continual pool of job applicants, positive improvements can help increase employee morale and retention. The solutions here are two-fold. Recognizing, training, and retaining current talent is imperative to building and sustaining a positive and productive culture. Additionally, contract hospitality providers can inject some much-needed capital investment and provide design expertise to identify areas of opportunity to enhance employee amenities, giving them a space to recharge. Professional dining providers bring culinary expertise, fresh menu ideas and clear recommendations to turn your onsite dining program into a differentiating employee benefit.

Supply Chain Certainty and Relief

Outsourced providers have substantial resources for procuring everything from meal ingredients to cleaning solutions and supplies. Having a specialized procurement partner is highly beneficial during times of high inflation and uncertainty around product availability. With national buying contracts, providers leverage relationships with select distribution channels to increase purchasing power. Outsourcing food and nutrition and environmental services can minimize the burden of a supply shortage, ensuring patient nutritional needs are met and staff satisfaction remains high. 

Inflation Risk Insulation

In addition to supply chain interruptions and product shortages, hospital administrators are looking to take the best measures to protect themselves against the risky effects of inflation. Partnering with an outsource provider allows more effective procurement management to reduce purchasing costs and minimize waste, turning cost centers into revenue drivers.

If outsourcing is something you are considering, or if you would like to learn more, please complete the survey: CHC Support Services


Operating over 100 hospitals across the United States, Unidine is the leading food and dining management service provider. Since 2001, Unidine’s success derives from consistent execution in four key areas – an exclusive focus on food and dining management services, a commitment to scratch cooking with fresh, seasonal, responsibly sourced ingredients, exceptional customer service and a corporate culture enlivened by each team members’ passion for culinary and service excellence. Unidine’s network of nutritionists and culinarians leverage the latest research to support cultural enrichment and wellness strategies for hospitals across the country. Unidine specializes in providing the necessary resources to those in rural, community and independent healthcare spaces. For more information, visit

Coreworks provides clients and their clientele with facility support services– housekeeping, laundry, plant operations, maintenance, transportation, and security – that uphold a distinctive level of service and hospitality culture. Our integrated service models harness every innovation, specialized product, and cutting-edge solution to deliver a safe, secure, and elevated environment. Reinforced by our rigorous systems and standards to ensure the highest level of consistency, efficiency, and compliance. At the heart of it, we’re solution builders, with a focus on the evolving environment of care and backed by deep expertise and vast perspective. Experience Core Connected Care. For more information, visit

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