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Case Studies

Planning for Uncertainty: Wills Memorial Hospital, Washington, GA

The Situation

Wills Memorial Hospital in Washington, Ga., found itself in the midst of a perfect storm five years ago, when events good and bad converged. The hospital had completed necessary renovations, including a new patient wing, but was left with a $13 million bond debt. This debt obligation combined with years of significant losses and new healthcare regulations left the hospital in a bad spot, says hospital CEO Tracie Haughey: “We knew we were sinking and needed help.” A comprehensive operational assessment by CHC Consulting and its accompanying action...


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Top Concerns of Community Hospital CEOs

Asked to rank their most pressing concerns, most hospital CEOs and leaders put financial challenges at the top of the list, followed by governmental mandates and personnel shortages. In deeper discussions, though, it is clear that their most concerning issues intertwine in complex ways. While there are no simple solutions, this interconnection means that improvements in one area often bring about improvements in other areas. Faced with market- and reform-driven changes, wise leaders consider each challenge in its broader context for effective planning that takes all relevant factors into account.



CHC assigned experts to each of our departments who quickly identified opportunities for improvement. We were off and running from Day One.”

~Rob Santilli, CEO, Gunnison Valley Health, Gunnison, CO