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CHC Supply Trust brings access, savings and support – including a tailor-made GPO – to community hospitals. Historically, community hospitals are hit the hardest by provision costs because many don’t wield the purchasing power of larger facilities and systems, but with the support and guidance of CHC Supply Trust, community hospitals can achieve the same preferred pricing typically reserved for their larger counterparts.

In the healthcare industry, the supply chain is central to the affordability and quality of patient care. However, supply procurement is one of the largest expense areas for hospitals and health systems. We take time to assess the procurement process get rid of inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.

Our supply chain savings initiatives go a long way in helping to maintain the quality of healthcare in communities across the United States.

Community hospitals use CHC Supply Trust for a variety of healthcare services:

  • Logistics Chain Analysis
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Hospital GPO Access
  • Customized Support Services Agreement
  • Outsourced Materials Management
CHC Logistics Chain Experts are Community Hospital Experts

A Sustainable Path

CEO Jim Kendrick explains why It’s important to position community hospitals for long-term success.


Considering the challenging environment in which community hospitals operate today, our supply chain services offer numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits hospitals will enjoy when they turn to us for professional help.

One of the ways we help hospitals reduce their operating costs while maintaining quality is through Tier One Hospital GPO access. Group purchasing organizations help hospitals to realize savings and enjoy efficiency when working with manufacturers, distributors, and vendors.

Client hospitals typically save approximately 10 percent annually (even if they already have GPO relationships in place).

You keep 100 percent of GPO rebates each month.

CHC Supply Trust hospitals experience better tier pricing and significant savings – you can expect to pay less for the exact same items you’re currently purchasing.

Our procurement experts are here for you each step of the way to help maximize your savings.

Don’t Wait to Save

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Case Studies

Small Hospital Realizes Big Healthcare Supply Chain Savings: Community Hospital, McCook, NE

The Situation

Community Hospital in McCook, Nebraska, previously bought its supplies and services from a nationwide hospital network. As part of the network’s supply contracting company and group purchasing organization (GPO), Community Hospital was subject to volume-based tier pricing. Under that healthcare supply chain business model, the small rural hospital paid approximately 35 percent more than larger hospitals for orthopedic implants. Higher prices were just one disadvantage of belonging to a healthcare supply chain network in which smaller hospitals typically are not shown the same attention as their larger counterparts....



CHC Supply Trust Healthcare Supply Chain Management Services

Following labor, supply costs are the second-highest expense for hospitals as well as the fastest-growing cost center. Unfortunately, spiraling expenses tend to hit community-based hospitals hardest. That’s because they receive less favorable GPO pricing than their larger counterparts. This is when CHC Supply Trust, the supply chain services arm of Community Hospital Consulting, comes in. We offer four levels of healthcare supply chain management support to community hospitals. This includes providing GPO access to the same preferred pricing that large hospital systems are able to negotiate.

What’s Unique About the...


Vendors and Suppliers

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