Analytics and Reporting

Metrics to maximum success

The adage to measure what you treasure is critically true for supply chain management. Often times, community hospitals fall short monitoring GPO compliance and other important supply chain metrics due to a lack of technology and human resources.

CHC Supply Trust can step in to fill the void with spend analytics and the reporting you need to keep supply purchasing, monitoring and compliance on track.

For example, our compliance reporting flags purchase orders that do not match a contracted item. This delays the order until proper documentation is received, motivating staff to ensure that purchase orders are completed correctly.

In our experience, hospitals that use CHC Supply Trust for supply chain analytics and reporting can document more savings than clients opting for the GPO-only option.

Why compliance matters

Compliance results in savings, so we monitor contract compliance and help hospitals maintain a compliance standard of 85 percent.

Spend Analysis Benefits

Standardize and consolidate data

Match up data with contracted items

Accurately track spend

Reduce overall supply costs