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Following labor, supply costs are the second-highest expense for hospitals and also the fastest-growing cost center. Unfortunately, community-based hospitals tend to be hit hardest by spiraling expenses because they receive less favorable GPO pricing than their larger counterparts. This is where CHC Supply Trust, the supply chain services arm of Community Hospital Consulting, comes in. We offer four levels of supply chain management support, including GPO access to the same preferred pricing that large hospital systems are able to negotiate.

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CHC Supply Trust partners with HealthTrust, the nation’s...



Rethinking Supply Costs: Good to Great

Many rural hospitals today — health care providers whose mission is to serve their community’s health care needs — are apprehensive about their own financial health. Increasing expenses, decreasing reimbursement and declining patient populations and hospital admissions place these hospitals at risk, threatening financial viability.

Behind salaries, supplies are the second-highest expense for hospitals. By reducing supply costs and better managing the supply chain, a hospital can move its savings margin from good to great.

CHC Supply Trust, the supply chain services arm of Community Hospital Consulting, works with hospitals...


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