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Supply Chain Savings for Larger Community Hospitals

Serving hospitals of all sizes, CHC Supply Trust understands that larger hospitals and health systems, despite their purchasing power, face unique supply-chain challenges and concerns. Chief among those concerns is finding a GPO that’s as trustworthy and attentive as it is effective at delivering the best products and services at the best value. Bringing experience and expertise to larger hospitals from Texas on up to Minnesota, and from Georgia west to Oregon, CHC Supply Trust is the right strategic partner for these complex organizations, leveraging their size and spend to...

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Rethinking Medical Supply Chain Costs: Good to Great

Many rural hospitals today — health care providers whose mission is to serve their community’s health care needs — are apprehensive about their own financial health. Increasing expenses, decreasing reimbursement and declining patient populations as well as hospital admissions place these hospitals at risk, threatening financial viability.

Besides salaries, supplies are the second-highest expense for hospitals. By reducing those costs and better managing the medical supply chain, a hospital can move its savings margin from good to great.

Unlocking Medical Supply Chain Savings In Order To Support Mission-Critical Objectives

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