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Healthcare & Hospital Management Services

We are committed to improving the quality of community hospital performance. We understand that this requires keen attention to detail on key performance metrics of day-to-day operations, patient care and much more. All of these components become more manageable with the right type of infrastructure and processes in place. We take pride in helping health facilities get there by managing both their goals and their challenges, one step at a time.

When a hospital needs full management services, CHC Consulting works directly with the board to:

  • Place hospital CEO and other executives as needed.
  • Oversee day-to-day hospital operations and educate staff.
  • Conduct an operational assessment to identify opportunities for operational, financial and clinical improvement.
  • Facilitate the development of a strategic business and hospital financial services and operations plan for the hospital and overseeing its implementation.
  • Work with the board through routine meetings and communications.

Successful hospital management has many important pieces that come together symbiotically to form a cohesive successful system. The concept is complicated, but our methodology is highly practical. The approach encompasses many beneficial pieces that can allow your facility to run more efficiently.

We specialize in helping community hospitals perform well by keeping an eye on the big picture as well as the details. Some of the key areas of focus include productivity, information technology, revenue cycle, coding audits, the Chargemaster, supply chain, charge capture and pricing, as well as health plan evaluations.

For hospitals that need it, CHC also offers executive placement services for the CEO and other key leadership positions. Additionally, we support strategic planning, business planning, compliance and more. We even offer board training and onboarding to improve their ability to oversee the hospital effectively.

At all times, we find ways to improve the financial, operational, and clinical performance at your hospital. We believe in continued contact and improvement through routine meetings, and consistent communication as well.


  • CHC services are tailored for community-based hospitals.
  • The first step is a comprehensive operational assessment, which identifies an action plan for short-term improvement and sustainable success.
  • We want to be the heartbeat that helps community hospitals succeed. Our success is aligned with your success. Our main focus is to guide, support and enhance community hospitals and healthcare providers. At the center of the CHC approach is our commitment to strengthen and sustain local healthcare services.
  • We have helped many hospitals achieve their goals, even some of the most distressed hospitals. We have created a proven formula that combines all the vital pieces of successful healthcare management. We put this methodology into place helping many healthcare facilities improve by developing better day to day operations, improving their financial performance, utilizing the most advantageous partnerships for your healthcare facility/hospital, and much more.
  • The result of a strong and effective strategic vision is better patient care, efficient practices, and more financial prosperity for your hospital. These are tangible results that can be seen and felt by everyone from the hospital CEO’s, executives, staff, and patients. Successful results are a win-win for everyone.
  • Successful community hospitals aren’t born, they’re created. With help from CHC, your hospital goals will be more manageable and achievable. We understand that all aspects of hospital management are important and play a key role in the overall success of your hospital. Community hospitals matter, so we are dedicated to not only making sure that they stay around but that they also grow and improve as well. We believe that strategy and a personalized plan are keys to the continuous success and growth of your facility.
  • Further education is always at the forefront of growth. This is one of the many reasons why we take pride in continuously educating hospital staff on innovative ways to sustain and improve their healthcare facility. Education is one of the big keys to creating a team that works together toward a common goal. A consistent and uniform effort is a big part of big change when it comes to turning a failing healthcare system around and building something more effective. We believe in the power of teamwork, education, communication and strategic vision.
  • CHC can help your healthcare facility reach its goals, whether your healthcare system is performing well or struggling. Our goal is develop and implement a long-term plan for success. Our hands-on approach has been a beacon for many community hospitals and we hope to help many more.

Learn About LTACH Management Services Available through CHC ContinueCARE.


Building a Path to Sustainability

Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) is committed to not only helping hospitals improve and grow, but to sustain and continue the pattern of growth and improvement for the long-term future. To reach this goal we foster change and to uncover areas for growth. We also work to maintain the positive practices you already have in place. This is all made possible through a thorough assessment of your health facility, and our experience with strategic vision, hospital ownership, hospital management, hospital consulting, and supply chain. We also focus on financial and operational improvement as well as:

  • LTACH and Post-Acute Services
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Turnaround Services
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Compliance

Staying on Top of Industry Changes

With increasing government regulations and changes within the healthcare industry, compliance is something that all hospitals are concerned about. Because we own and manage hospitals across the country, CHC is up to speed on the latest regulatory requirements, and we can help hospitals remain compliant.

Case Study

Breakthrough Improvements Create Market Leader: Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas – Beaumont, Texas

The Situation

CHC helps many hospitals achieve dramatic changes for the better, but some of our hospitals, including Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas (BHSET), are advancing in the right direction already and just need some additional expertise and support. At the start of BHSET’s long-term relationship with CHC, the hospital didn’t require a turnaround but a turbocharge to gain and eventually dominate market share.


BHSET, headquartered in Beaumont, Texas, is a 508-bed, multi-campus healthcare provider with $1.26 billion in patient revenue. CHC’s relationship with BHSET began in...

Learn More

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