Healthcare & Hospital Management Services

When a hospital needs full management services, CHC Consulting works directly with the board to:

  • Place hospital CEO and other executives as needed.
  • Oversee day-to-day hospital operations and educate staff.
  • Conduct an operational assessment to identify opportunities for operational, financial and clinical improvement.
  • Facilitate the development of a strategic business and hospital financial services and operations plan for the hospital and overseeing its implementation.
  • Work with the board through routine meetings and communications.


CHC services are tailored for community-based hospitals.

The first step is a comprehensive operational assessment, which identifies an action plan for short-term improvement and sustainable success.

Our main focus is to guide, support and enhance community hospitals and healthcare providers and help maintain local healthcare services.

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Case Studies

Breakthrough Improvements Create Market Leader: Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas – Beaumont, Texas

The Situation

CHC helps many hospitals achieve dramatic changes for the better, but some of our hospitals, including Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas (BHSET), are advancing in the right direction already and just need some additional expertise and support. At the start of BHSET’s long-term relationship with CHC, the hospital didn’t require a turnaround but a turbocharge to gain and eventually dominate market share.


BHSET, headquartered in Beaumont, Texas, is a 508-bed, multi-campus healthcare provider with $1.26 billion in patient revenue. CHC’s relationship with BHSET began in 2000, when...



Three Steps to Help Rural Hospitals Overcome Financial Distress

An array of issues – from increasing charity care, bad debt and declining reimbursement rates to negative profit margins – create financial distress for rural hospitals. Despite today’s challenging operating environment, many rural hospitals across the country are using a practical approach to grow revenues and control costs.


Know the signs and symptoms of declining financial health

How does a hospital reach the point of “no return” where closure becomes inevitable? Were there warning signs along the way? Were they missed? Would the outcome have been...