Hospital Ownership

We believe Community hospitals deserve an ally with resources to help them succeed. 

When acquisition makes sense for the hospital’s objectives and matches CHC investment strategy, our team has the capability and access to capital if required. We offer a variety of partnership options including traditional acquisition and lease models. Our current ownership focus is sole community provider hospitals.

CHC Ownership Models:

  • Leasing
  • Joint Public / Private Structure
  • Corporate Member Change
  • Unique LTACH Partnering


Relationships and affiliations help strengthen community hospitals.

Hospital acquisition offers capital for hospitals that need financial relief to improve hospital performance.

CHC is the best acquisition option for community hospitals because of our not-for-profit mission and cultural alignment.

CHC’s ownership model upholds a community voice in hospital operations through local board representation.

We Want to Hear from You

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“The team at CHC has helped us significantly improve on hospital’s performance while keeping control of the facility where it belongs – right here at home.”

~Karen Barber, CEO Yoakum Community Hospital, Yoakum, Texas

Community Hospital Partnership Whitepaper

Community Hospitals Evaluate Relationships as a Pathway to Financial Viability


Valuing Relationships through a Storm

Proud to serve residents of Beaumont, Texas and surrounding areas, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas’ employees, physicians, and volunteers share a vibrant bond with our community — a heartfelt connection which became evident earlier this year in the face of Hurricane Harvey. Although hurricanes are not new to the city of Beaumont and surrounding communities on the Texas Gulf Coast, we won’t forget Harvey. We remember vividly the teamwork and community cooperation.

Hurricane Harvey roared ashore at the end of August 2017 becoming a tropical depression as it moved inland....