IT Strategy and Operational Evaluations

With more than 80 years of combined healthcare and information technology leadership experience, CHC Consulting’s IT executives help evaluate and develop the right IT foundation for your organization. After implementing the IT strategy and operational recommendations, hospitals gain access to advanced technology while saving money and improving efficiency. Our capabilities include:

  • IT and Business Strategy Assessment and Alignment
  • Governance and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staffing
  • System Selection
  • Expense Review and Planning


  • Efficient. Better processes for IT decision making.
  • Compliant. Meet government regulations.
  • Measurable. Enhanced outcomes both clinically and financially.
  • Methodical. Improved financial management.


Strengthen Cybersecurity in Four Steps

In January, there were almost as many cybersecurity breaches in healthcare as there were days. Providers, health plans and their associates reported 29 breaches affecting about 438,000 patients to the federal government in the first month of 2020, according to data reported by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. The largest single breach in 2019 exposed 11.5 million patients’ data. 

Across all industries, system glitches and human error account for 25 percent and 24 percent of breaches, respectively, but the majority—51 percent—are caused...

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Can Your Hospital Withstand a Cyberattack?

This white paper discusses ways for community hospitals to improve cybersecurity.

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