Healthcare Operations Management & Assessment Services

Efficient operations help a hospital improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial performance. The first step of the process is a comprehensive operational assessment completed by CHC Consulting that includes a thorough review of operations and an actionable plan for improvement. The hospital leadership may wish to implement this action plan on its own, or CHC Consulting can remain involved in a consulting or hospital management role. If hospital leadership seeks leasing and ownership models, CHC stands ready to lend support with a wide range of healthcare management services.


Since operations span the entire hospital, a thorough assessment will identify opportunities to address financial and performance issues.

An operational assessment evaluates strengths and opportunities for improvement in five areas: strategy, productivity, revenue cycle, supply chain and information technology.

A clear plan brings a new level of accountability across team members and renewed direction for the hospital.


Help Where Hospitals Need It

Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) understands that community-based hospitals are vital assets to those they serve. That’s why we provide resources and support to hospitals, including flexible, individualized consulting and management services through CHC Consulting, a distinct CHC organization.

Together with hospital boards and leaders, CHC Consulting develops custom-fit solutions to help preserve and protect community hospitals in an unobtrusive, collaborative manner.

Solutions and Support for Community Based Hospitals

CHC Consulting provides management and consulting services and solutions tailored for community-based hospitals. Many clients who engage us begin with our comprehensive...



Turn Around Efforts Start with a Look at Operations

Hospital leaders may recognize the need for improvement but may not know where to turn. Even before a hospital shows signs of financial distress, the responsible action is to take a close look at areas of operations. Since operations span the entire hospital, a head-to-toe operational assessment may be warranted to fully address financial and performance issues.

Taking a thorough look at operations may seem daunting. Consider starting with an evaluation of outsourced contracts; some may have been in place for years and can be renegotiated or even eliminated. Below...


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