Executive Compensation

CHC provides consulting support to Board Compensation Committees, which may include any of the following tasks.

  • Education on the role of a compensation committee.
  • Establishing a compensation committee charter.
  • Establishing a facility compensation philosophy.
  • Education on the elements of executive compensation.
  • Advice on how to address the elements of executive compensation.
  • Education on executive employment agreements.
  • Executive compensation package recommendations (salary and incentives).
  • Assistance establishing corporate salary structure.
  • Completion of one-off market assessments and preparation of salary recommendations.
  • Analysis of jobs, writing job descriptions, researching market data and recommending salary ranges for hospital leadership roles.
  • Design, analysis, updating, communicating and administering incentive pay plans for hospital executives.



A consistent and documented compensation structure builds trust and establishes a collaborative environment.

External benchmarking information helps your hospital recruit and retain the best executive talent.

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Executive Recruitment for Interim Management: Easing the Transition

Managing organizational change presents extraordinary challenges, particularly when the change involves replacing a chief executive officer following their departure. For smaller community hospitals in transition, interim leaders can help fill this gap. An interim executive may be someone close to retirement, a leader seeking a different work-life balance, or an experienced, skilled executive unable to relocate for a permanent role where travel is an option.

An interim can devote time and attention to their role alleviating work overloads on others, bring objectivity to a new assignment through an unbiased perspective,...


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