Strategic Vision

Establishing a common vision for the future among hospital leaders, board members, physicians and key other stakeholders is paramount to success. CHC has helped dozens of community-based hospitals develop an actionable strategy that helps them establish a strategic framework and methodically implement improvements that yield immediate and future results.


Success is possible when you clarify a shared vision, advance stakeholder collaboration, define responsibility and improve decision making.

A well-crafted business plan identifies the steps for financial and operational success.

A plan places your organization in a position of strength to grow regionally or get ready for a partnership, if desired.

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Learn how strategic planning can help your hospital improve its performance.


CHC has been an absolute savior for us. They stepped in to support our organization at one of the most critical times in the history of our hospital. Without CHC, I am not sure what we would have done.”

~Charlton Tilley, Board Chair Valley View Regional Hospital, Ada, Oklahoma


Hospital Business Planning Best Practices

Vital to an organization’s future, a business plan is a framework outlining the steps for financial and operational success. For many hospitals, this process has occurred at five-year intervals tied to strategic planning efforts. However, in today’s healthcare environment marked by ongoing industry, reimbursement, and market shifts, development of an annual business plan offers leaders a greater measure of security and flexibility to manage change.

Best practices for your hospital’s business planning include:

Align business planning efforts with strategic initiatives

Getting started, associate business planning efforts with strategic goals and...



Building Successful Hospital-Board Relationships

Community-based hospitals put the “care” in healthcare, and meaningful hospital-Board partnerships based on trust and mutual goals drive this mission. Board members make important decisions to serve the community , and help develop strategies to ensure the hospital’s long-term sustainability.

Here are some best practice tips for positive, productive Board-CEO relationships.

Develop a Trustee recruitment and retention process. Recruiting and retaining Trustees is too important to be left up to chance. In fact, “retention” begins in the recruitment phase and never ends. Initial orientation for new Board members should...