Medical Staff Development Planning

Medical staff development plans determine the number of physicians needed in each specialty based on market demand and conditions. The plan also builds in transition planning based on staff composition factors such as specialty and age of each physician. The medical staff development plan encompasses analysis of market area, medical staff composition, physician supply, market demand along with interviews and surveys of existing medical staff to determine physician needs.



Support the growth and success of a hospital with the right mix of physicians and specialists.

Get assistance navigating Stark and IRS regulations regarding recruitment of new physicians.

Gain the information and analysis you need to effectively support hospital leadership in its physician recruitment and retention efforts.

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Correlating physician supply and demand: Medical Staff Development Planning

The Situation

A significant part of the growth and success of a hospital is dependent upon the right mix of physicians and specialists. However, the demand for these professionals greatly outweighs the supply. As the physician workforce ages, hospitals are forced to compete for the recruitment of new talent. And to add to the complexity, hospitals must contend with Stark and IRS regulations regarding recruitment of new physicians. Without strategic analysis and careful planning, physician recruitment programs may become stagnant and the hospitals will suffer. This is where Medical Staff...



Best Practices for Effective Physician On-Boarding

You’ve successfully recruited the physician you need to serve your community. What comes next? The hiring process is just the first step in retaining these professionals you have worked so hard to recruit. Equally important is physician on-boarding — the process of familiarizing and orienting physicians to a new healthcare facility or practice, and to the culture of your organization. On-boarding introduces new physicians to the community, integrates them into the medical staff, helps them establish their practice and achieve a firm financial foundation in the first year.

The case...