Partnering & Organizational Alternatives

Community hospitals deserve an ally with resources to help them succeed

Financial pressures and other forces are causing community-based hospitals nationwide to consider the pros and cons of forming a relationship. CHC works with hospitals to understand the situation and design mutually-beneficial relationships. Based on the specific needs and circumstances, CHC structures relationships that are unique to each client.

The first step toward a potential relationship is often an operational assessment to evaluate the hospital’s cost structure and operational performance. The process concludes by outlining recommendations for the best path forward.

When a partnership makes sense, CHC has a variety of options including consulting services, strategic support agreements, hospital management, acquisition and lease models. 

For many community and rural hospitals, CHC is the best match, especially when culture and not-for-profit mission are similar. Further, CHC’s ownership model upholds a community voice in hospital operations through local board representation. 

No matter what level of support your hospital needs, CHC is here to guide and enhance your organization.


  • Insight. Understand the different types of partnership arrangements that are available.
  • Guidance. Navigation through the process of assessing the hospital’s situation and recommending the best path forward.
  • Support. Improve your organization through a sustainable relationship option customized for your unique needs.


Powerful Partnership?

Community Hospitals Evaluate Relationships as a Pathway to Financial Viability

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“I’ve never seen a group of people so totally enthusiastic about fulfilling their mission. We’ve been very pleased with our collaboration with CHC.”
Elorine Sitka, Board Member
Yoakum Community Hospital, Yoakum, Texas


Pondering a Partnership? Community hospitals evaluate relationships as a pathway to financial vitality

The Situation

Healthcare organizations today face unprecedented pressures. Sustained economic uncertainty, healthcare reform, the growing number of uninsured individuals and other forces cause smaller, community-based hospitals in particular to consider the pros and cons of forming a relationship with a larger institution.

In some cases, there is no choice — surrendering independence in exchange for resources is necessary for survival. But sometimes there are means by which a hospital can preserve its independence while securing its footing, not just for the time being but for the foreseeable future. Community...

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