Physician Recruitment

With an increasing demand and a shrinking candidate pool, physician recruitment remains a top priority for many hospitals. The process is particularly difficult for small community and rural hospitals due to lack of resources needed to attract and recruit physicians in such a competitive environment. CHC Consulting’s Physician Recruitment Services is here to help with a practical approach designed especially for community hospitals. Our services are a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiting firms and a realistic option to support in-house recruitment.



Non-retainer, high quality, budget conscious program without the overhead costs of a large firm.

Individual attention of a dedicated consultant who works in collaboration with the hospital CEO and the practice leaders to ensure a higher quality of candidates.

Broad recruiting experience in many settings.

Gain specialized knowledge of Stark Laws and private-practice administration.

Find a physician for a position where they can excel both professionally and personally.

Ensure the placement is a good fit for the practice, the hospital and the community for years to come.

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Physician Recruitment Services for Community Hospitals

Physician recruitment remains a top priority for community hospitals due to increasing demand for healthcare services and a nationwide physician shortage. In such a competitive market, small and rural hospitals in particular encounter difficulties conducting an effective search because they lack the resources, personnel and technology needed to attract and recruit physicians to their communities. This is where Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) can help. Extending far beyond the physician search, physician recruitment services offered by CHC Consulting, the management and consulting arm of CHC, is a customized and budget-friendly alternative...



Best Practices for Effective Physician On-Boarding

You’ve successfully recruited the physician you need to serve your community. What comes next? The hiring process is just the first step in retaining these professionals you have worked so hard to recruit. Equally important is physician on-boarding — the process of familiarizing and orienting physicians to a new healthcare facility or practice, and to the culture of your organization. On-boarding introduces new physicians to the community, integrates them into the medical staff, helps them establish their practice and achieve a firm financial foundation in the first year.

The case...