Regional Strategies

CHC Consulting provides regional strategy and development support to help community-based hospitals evaluate and create alliances with larger hospitals within their region. Our flexible, individualized consulting services include leading hospital executives or boards through a project to assess the current situation, provide options and make recommendations on how to proceed.



Assess whether a relationship with another institution makes sense, and if so, what type.

When partnering is the wisest course of action, CHC guides hospital boards through the process of finding suitable prospects and preparing them to negotiate the relationship.

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Powerful Partnership? Community Hospitals Evaluate Relationships as a Pathway to Financial Viability

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Financial pressures and other forces are causing community-based hospitals nationwide to consider the pros and cons of forming a relationship with another institution.


Pondering a Partnership? Community hospitals evaluate relationships as a pathway to financial vitality

The Situation

Healthcare organizations today face unprecedented pressures. Sustained economic uncertainty, healthcare reform, the growing number of uninsured individuals and other forces cause smaller, community-based hospitals in particular to consider the pros and cons of forming a relationship with a larger institution.

In some cases, there is no choice — surrendering independence in exchange for resources is necessary for survival. But sometimes there are means by which a hospital can preserve its independence while securing its footing, not just for the time being but for the foreseeable future. Community Hospital...