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Supply Chain Savings for Larger Community Hospitals

Serving hospitals of all sizes, CHC Supply Trust understands that larger hospitals and health systems, despite their purchasing power, face unique supply-chain challenges and concerns. Chief among those concerns is finding a GPO that’s as trustworthy and attentive as it is effective at delivering the best products and services at the best value. Bringing experience and expertise to larger hospitals from Texas on up to Minnesota, and from Georgia west to Oregon, CHC Supply Trust is the right strategic partner for these complex organizations, leveraging their size and spend to maximize savings while providing highly personalized service and securing stakeholder buy-in.

“The supply chain is a logical place to look for cost savings, especially for a large hospital like ours. Once we learned about the savings potential through CHC Supply Trust, we started the process and proceeded with a seamless conversion. We’ve been pleased ever since.”

Billy Robinson
Director Materials Management
Hunt Regional Medical Center
Greenville, TX
$18.2 million annual supply spend

Addressing Current and Future Needs

COVID-19-induced supply chain shortages underscored the need for supply chain efficiency and resiliency. Hospitals must optimize their supply chain to better prepare for disruptions, reduce supply chain waste and help offset COVID-related costs.

More than 100 facilities across the country already access CHC Supply Trust for GPO services, strategic insights and our ability to meet the needs of the times and the future. For example, we continue to fulfill PPE demands based on the pandemic, and we recently augmented our services to help hospitals save on purchased services by aggregating volume across multiple hospitals.

Greater Power Through Partnership

CHC Supply Trust partners with HealthTrust, a leading national GPO, to grant hospitals of all sizes access to preferred pricing on clinician-recommended products and services. We built our reputation on helping smaller hospitals attain the same top-tier pricing as their larger counterparts. However, we’ve seen that larger independent hospitals also benefit from our unique approach. In fact, many larger hospitals could be achieving better pricing and bigger savings through CHC Supply Trust, regardless of their current situation, even if they belong to a group, or are part of an affiliation.

For hospitals with an annual supply spend of $50 million or less, CHC Supply Trust typically identifies additional savings of at least 10 percent right off the bat on the exact items the hospital is already purchasing.


The sheer volume of products and services a larger hospital uses almost guarantees there are further savings opportunities—if you know where to look. At the same time, the complexity of a larger hospital’s supply chain, operations, and organizational chart can make this discovery process a challenge. With broad and deep experience in supply chain and materials management—rounded out by data analysis, contract negotiation, and hospital operations expertise—CHC Supply Trust and our HealthTrust colleagues understand how larger hospitals operate and what their leaders require.

Services Designed for Larger Community Hospitals

CHC Supply Trust knows your hospital will have:

  • Multiple stakeholders and decision makers. We welcome participation across the healthcare organization to ensure buy in.
  • Rigorous due diligence. Our savings results are undeniable – we welcome a thorough review of our services and solutions.
  • Engaged clinicians concerned with the clinical impact of a GPO conversion. The quality of our items and excellent pricing are often able to convert the most challenging critics into our biggest champions.
  • Expectation for high-quality customer service. We stand apart by matching members with an account director ready and willing to take your call and address your concerns.
  • Access to analytics. Hospitals gain access to an analytics tool as part of their CHC Supply Trust membership. This intuitive, highly visual tool increases efficiency, highlights any overpayment and identifies additional savings opportunities.

“The CHC Supply Trust team not only knows materials management but also brings a thorough understanding of a hospital’s daily operations, which is critical when it comes to identifying savings opportunities while upholding the highest standards of patient care.”

Leigh-Jean Koinzan
Chief Financial Officer
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Omaha, NE
$13.5 million annual supply spend

How Much Can Your Hospital Save?

Our assessments indicate that CHC Supply Trust members typically save between 10 and 20 percent annually over rates charged by other GPOs.

To get started, we offer a Complimentary Supply Spend Analysis to compare the cost of items already being purchased by your hospital to CHC Supply Trust pricing for the same exact items. This analysis shows a conservative estimate of how much new members can save simply by purchasing those same exact items through CHC Supply Trust. Larger hospitals like yours stand to save millions of dollars annually while continuing to provide quality care.

“CHC Supply Trust shows hospitals their potential savings up front, and if those numbers aren’t compelling enough, what I would add based on our experience is this: Get started now. CHC Supply Trust does all the heavy lifting and all the hand-holding you may need. They are not just a service provider but a true partner.”

Shamb Purohit, Chief Financial Officer
Colquitt Regional Medical Center, Moultrie, GA
$19 million annual supply spend, plus $4-5 million in capital equipment spend

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VP of Business Development
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