Supply Chain Savings Support Mission-Critical Objectives

Supply costs are one of the fastest-growing cost centers for hospitals. These spiraling expenses tend to hit community-based hospitals hard because many don’t wield enough purchasing power to command preferred pricing. Other hospitals, though larger or part of a health system, face unique supply chain challenges and concerns despite their greater purchasing power.

Holding the line on supply chain costs is, or should be, a top priority for community hospitals of all sizes. By reducing supply costs and better managing the supply chain, a hospital can expand its savings margin...


With guidance of CHC Supply Trust, community hospitals can achieve the same preferred pricing typically reserved for their larger counterparts.

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Case Studies

Small hospital realizes big savings: Community Hospital, McCook, NE

The Situation

Community Hospital in McCook, Nebraska, previously bought its supplies and services from a nationwide hospital network. As part of the network’s supply contracting company and group purchasing organization (GPO), Community Hospital was subject to volume-based tier pricing. Under that business model, the small rural hospital paid approximately 35 percent more than larger hospitals for orthopedic implants. Higher prices were just one disadvantage of belonging to a network in which smaller hospitals typically are not shown the same attention as their larger counterparts. Community Hospital was poised for supply...


“CHC Supply Trust shows hospitals their potential savings up front, and if those numbers aren’t compelling enough, what I would add based on our experience is this: Get started now. CHC Supply Trust does all the heavy lifting and all the hand-holding you may need. They are not just a service provider but a true partner.”

~Shamb Purohit, CFO
Colquitt Regional Medical Center, Moultrie, Georgia

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