Amy Brown

VP Risk Management and Chief Compliance Officer

Amy Brown serves as the Vice President of Risk Management and Chief Compliance Officer for Community Hospital Corporation. In this role, she oversees all risk management programs for CHC including the wholly owned CHC offshore Captive and all insurance and risk products for CHC and its portfolio of owned and managed hospitals. She also provides risk management consulting services to CHC Consulting client hospitals. Amy is also responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of the Compliance Program for CHC.

Amy joined CHC from Longview Regional Medical Center in Longview, Texas, where she was Director of Risk Management and spent 17 years directing hospital-wide and medical staff risk management activities, acting as the Facilities HIPAA Privacy Officer, incorporating the facility’s compliance program and identifying and assessing areas of compliance risk for the hospital.

Amy has a Bachelor of Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of Texas, Austin. She also earned a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration and Health Care Policy from the University of Houston. She holds a Certification in Professional Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM), Certification in Healthcare Compliance (CHC), and Certification in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC).


Foundational Principles and Best Practices for Hospital Risk Management

When an effective hospital risk management program is in place, the most critical element—maintaining a culture focused on patient safety—is intangible. Safety culture is a shared belief among the entire hospital staff that safety is important, and a shared responsibility.

By definition, safety culture is part of organizational culture and is upheld by staff at all levels and in every department. Risk management is not just a clinical concern. Everyone contributes. Maintenance workers identify and remove trip hazards in and around the facility. Housekeeping plays a vital role in infection...



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