Trustee Education

As a hospital board member, you need to stay current on community hospital news and improvement strategies. Here are a variety of resources just for you.

Case Studies

Rural Hospital Model of Success: Yoakum Community Hospital, Yoakum, TX

The Situation

Over the past several years, small rural hospitals across the United States have been struggling to stay afloat. Yoakum Community Hospital was no different. Declining reimbursements, an unfavorable payer mix and sagging hospital operations had together created a negative bottom line for the hospital.

“Before CHC came on board, we didn’t have the infrastructure or insight we needed to improve the hospital’s performance. Today, there is such a tremendous energy around here.”

Karen Barber, CEO, Yoakum Community Hospital


Yoakum Community Hospital...


White Paper


Is Your Community Hospital Board Effective?

Hospital boards are being held to a higher standard—and rightfully so—as they carry out their responsibility to chart a course for the future. This white paper offers practical methods to improve board performance.


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Building Successful Hospital-Board Relationships

Community-based hospitals put the “care” in healthcare, and meaningful hospital-Board partnerships based on trust and mutual goals drive this mission. Board members make important decisions to serve the community , and help develop strategies to ensure the hospital’s long-term sustainability.

Here are some best practice tips for positive, productive Board-CEO relationships.

Develop a Trustee recruitment and retention process. Recruiting and retaining Trustees is too important to be left up to chance. In fact, “retention” begins in the recruitment phase and never ends. Initial orientation for new Board members should...


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