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Is Your Community Hospital Heading for Trouble?

Community hospitals across the country are facing operational challenges. This white paper outlines critical steps to turnaround your hospital performance.


Community hospitals face a rocky future, but if insurmountable challenges loom ahead of yours, it’s time to change course.

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Will Your Hospital Stand the Test of Time?

Rural Hospitals Must Take Action to Right Themselves

Time is of the essence for community and rural hospitals. Since 2010, 88 of them have shut down, with more closures to come. Immediate action is required to help others avoid the same fate. Employees, patients and rural communities depend on it.

An operational assessment is often the first step to improving a hospital’s prospects. This process evaluates strategy, operations, staffing, supply chain, revenue cycle and leadership with the aim of reducing costs and increasing revenue—the tried-and-true formula for financial solvency.



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~Mel McNea, CEO, Great Plains Health